[Interview] ONEUS Goes on the First U.S. Tour, 2019 ONEUS ‘FLY WITH US’ TOUR in USA ① (Exclusive)
“Further steps up as a global idol with the cheer from American To Moons… Talks about the behind-the-scenes story”

Joheun news@hanteo.com

2019-11-19 10:00 (KST)

Starting November 3rd, group ONEUS went on the first tour in the United States, 2019 ONEUS ‘FLY WITH US’ TOUR in USA. On November 4th, the day after the successful New York concert, Hanteo News met five members of ONEUS in a hotel located in Manhattan, New York City.


ONEUS members sincerely answered a number of questions from Hanteo News’s global readers and talked about the US trilogy albums and promotions, creative process, and more.

Group ONEUS (Photo=Joheun Lee)
Group ONEUS (Photo=Joheun Lee)



#The first global tour, a success


ⓗ First off, welcome to New York, USA!
All: Thank you!

ⓗ Yesterday's (November 3rd) concert in New York marked a grand beginning of the ‘2019 FLY WITH US TOUR in USA!’ How do you feel about your successful first performance? 
Keon Hee: Yesterday was our first concert in New York, and we were very pleasantly surprised how many fans came to cheer for us and cheer so loud! That really hyped us up throughout the concert. 
Lee Do: I did not expect to meet this many fans in our first concert here, and there were so many. That's why we could perform passionately - we got the energy from them. 
Hwan Woong: Yesterday actually marked our 300th day since our debut. Then we got to perform on the other side of the globe, so we were doubly happy. I do wish to keep up with this excitement and finish the tour strong. 
Xion: I was actually a bit nervous when we were preparing for this tour - I wondered and worried if the fans will like our performance. But yesterday I saw that they liked it, and we had a great time together. So I'm looking forward to the rest of the concerts!
RAVN: I'm very happy that we finally started our US tour and hope we could come to the U.S. more often for more performances. 


ⓗ What were your thoughts before going on this tour? How was your first meeting with the U.S. fans?
Hwan Woong: I got so excited that I asked ATEEZ members who have the experience of meeting fans abroad for some tips. They told us that the U.S. fans enjoy the performance with the performers and so that we'll be really hyped up throughout the concert. They also reminded us that since we prepared hard for this concert, try not to worry but to get more excited and enjoy it. And sure enough, the audience sang along with us, and even danced along with us! That sight was really impressive and energized us. 

ⓗ What are some of the things that you would like to do while you are in the United States?
Keon Hee: I heard that there are many differences and characteristics depending on the areas of the U.S. I would like to walk on the street that I can fully experience those different cultures.
Lee Do: Watching from the videos, people in the U.S. exercise together very naturally. I really want to try that.
Hwan Woong: Similar to Lee Do, I also have an image of New York that I got from various contents and media. There are people who ‘street dance’ and busk on the streets. It looks like a very free culture, and I would like to see and experience that in person. I would also like to take videos of this type of content.
Xion: We came to the U.S. after our promotion of the 3rd album was finished. During the promotion, fans recommended, ‘Try this, try that when you go to the U.S.’ when we were doing fan signings. Like ‘In-and-Out Burger’... I want to try the food that fans recommended to me.
Hwan Woong: We need to have a steak that Seo Ho wanted to have, too. (laughs)
RAVN: As for me, I would like to visit the famous spots in each city and take photos to make memories.

ⓗ Starting with this U.S. tour, you will be visiting many other countries to perform. Are there any particular cities or countries you'd like to visit? 
Keon Hee: I haven't traveled much, but we always talk about how we want to be a ‘globe idol’; our name (ONE-US) means that we are one in us, but it also has another meaning of ‘One-Earth.’ So to live up to the name, I'd love to visit many countries and many cities to showcase our performance. 
Lee Do: I'm with Keon Hee. We haven't been to many places yet, so we hope to visit different cities and countries as much as possible.
Hwan Woong: We shot our ‘Twilight’ music video in Italy. After the crank-up, we went to a restaurant as a kind of after-party, and they were playing K-Pop songs there. We were quite surprised and super excited about it. Just like we heard K-Pop there, we'd love to hear our songs there by performing in Italy.

ⓗ Do you have any habits or chant that you do with all the members?
Hwan Woong: We normally...
Lee Do: We do it individually!
Hwan Woong: We don’t usually do a chant together, to be completely honest with you. We tend to prepare for the stage individually, and we help each other when the other member needs it. Sometimes when we get very nervous before a big show, we gather together and get our energy up by chanting, ‘ONEUS, let’s go! Ooh!,’ quoting the latest title track, ‘LIT.’



Keonhee of ONEUS sincerely replying to the interview with Hanteo News (Photo=Joheun Lee)
Keonhee of ONEUS sincerely replying to the interview with Hanteo News (Photo=Joheun Lee)



# Behind-the-scenes story of ‘US’ trilogy


ⓗ With the continued support and love from the fans, your 3rd Mini Album ‘FLY WITH US’ has ranked its name on TOP 10 of Hanteo Chart’s Weekly Physical Album chart throughout October.
All: Wow! (Claps)

ⓗ The album also broke the Initial Chodong (first week of the release) sales record of the previous album, ‘RAISE US.’ Congratulations on your steady growth!
All: Thank you! (Claps)

ⓗ What are your thoughts on this great result?
Keon Hee: It feels like we are receiving love and support that exceed our expectations. I know it is very difficult to be loved and supported this continuously, and I am so grateful for everything that we receive from the fans. Thank you, we'll work harder! 
Lee Do: I didn't expect this good of a result. I'll do my best to deserve the love we are getting.
Hwan Woong: This is all thanks to our Moons. Thank you so much, and we'll work harder to return this love. 
Xion: For every album, we always do our best to show a better version of us and to share better music, but it seems like Moons are always making us much happier than we are making them happy. Thank you for supporting us - we'll work harder. 
RAVN: I'll also press on and bring you good music and good performance, like any good artist. 


ⓗ With the most recent title song ‘LIT,’ you experimented with Korean-style genres and concepts, which are different from those of the title tracks in the past. Were there any differences you felt in performing ‘LIT’? Any challenges? 
Keon Hee:  If ‘Valkyrie’ and ‘Twilight’ showed our charismatic side, ‘LIT’ is more about enjoying and getting excited together with the audience. So we focused on sharing our energy on stage with the fans so that we can have fun together. 
Lee Do: Keon Hee’s right. And as much as that ‘enjoying together’ was important, it was quite difficult to do so. To share the excitement, we had to make sure that we're really enjoying the stage, and getting to that level was a bit challenging. The fact that our previous concepts were the polar opposite of this song didn't make the task easier. 
Hwan Woong: When I think back, I don't think we showed a single smile on stage for our first and second albums. (laughs) So we're more used to being serious… and when we were shooting the music video for ‘LIT,’ the directors and even our CEO asked us to try to laugh out loud. That part of loosening ourselves up was hard. 
Keon Hee: Oh, but what was good about performing ‘LIT’ was, in the past, when the fans cheered for us and chanted our names, we had to try to hide our smiles - but this time, we can smile as much as we want. 
RAVN: Absolutely. I loved that we could smile on stage. 



Lee Do (left) and Xion (right) of ONEUS having an interview the day after the first concert of the USA tour in New York (Photo=Joheun Lee)
Lee Do (left) and Xion (right) of ONEUS having an interview the day after the first concert of the USA tour in New York (Photo=Joheun Lee)


ⓗ This album wraps up the ‘US’ trilogy. What was the most memorable moment during the promotions of the trilogy? 
RAVN: My most memorable moment was when we were shooting the music video for the third album. It was our CEO's birthday, so we celebrated it together and brought him a birthday cake. The music video director saw that and took our photos with UHD cameras as souvenirs. 
Lee Do: For me, it's when Seo Ho said, ‘let's go.’ I couldn’t laugh out on stage, but whenever he says those words, they crack me up. 
Keon Hee: For me, it was the promotion for ‘Valkyrie,’ our debut song. Since it was our first promotion, everything was new, unfamiliar, and difficult. But when I felt that the fans were supporting us, it made me think that I'm not perfect, but I'm not failing them either; and that I'm okay and good to go. I really got so much energy from the fans during that promotion - our first promotion - so I remember it very dearly. I also recall the moments when our members relied on each other in trust. 
Hwan Woong: For me, it was when we got the official name and nickname for our fans. They waited for us and supported us for so long, way before our debut, and we'd call them just ‘our fans.’ And when we decided on To Moon and Moons, it felt like I'm finally calling their name! It was almost as if something deep inside me got resolved. And To Moons, also, gladly liked the name, which makes the moment even more memorable. 
Xion: So, it was actually my birthday when we first went on broadcasting for our debut. I was half-anxious and half-delighted, wondering if people would like our debut song and how our fans would react. The cheer was so loud, and I even got to celebrate my birthday with them. It was an unforgettable birthday. 


(Continued in Interview ②)

Interview : Joheun Lee
Photo : Joheun Lee
Edit : Sena Sim
English Translation : Joheun Lee

Joheun news@hanteo.com

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