[Daily Ranking: November 17th] MAMAMOO’s ‘REALITY IN BLACK’ Places 1st

Joheun usa@hanteo.com

2019-11-19 07:48 (KST)

Screen capture of MAMAMOO's 'HIP' official music video

On November 18th, Hanteo Chart, servicing the world’s one-and-only real-time music chart, released the Daily Physical Album ranking of November 17th.


The 1st on November 17th’s Daily Physical Album ranking is MAMAMOO’s ‘REALITY IN BLACK.’ According to the data released by Hanteo Chart, the album recorded the sales of 1,788 copies from 0 AM to 24 PM on November 17th KST.


The Initial Chodong (first week of release) period of the album is from November 14th, the date of the release, to November 20th, and the Initial Chodong sales amount is currently being counted by Hanteo Chart. The cumulative sales amount of the album is recording 61,363 copies as of November 17th, the same day of the release.


More details on the physical album sales data and music album chart, including that of MAMAMOO’s ‘REALITY IN BLACK,’ can be found on ‘Whosfan’ mobile app (www.whosfan.io) and Hanteo Chart’s homepage, www.hanteochart.com.




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