[Initial Chodong Record] Kang Daniel’s ‘color on me’ Album Sales Exceed 460,000 Copies in the First Week
“Sets a new record, the only solo artist that exceeded 400,000 copies in sales!”

Joheun usa@hanteo.com

2019-08-05 07:00 (KST)

Kang Daniel holding the 1st solo album ‘color on me’ release showcase on the 25th (Photo Credit=Getty Image Korea)

Kang Daniel wrote a new history of K-Pop. Kang Daniel’s 1st solo album ‘color on me’ (title track ‘What are you up to’), released on July 29th, has set a new record in Initial Chodong sales record in the K-Pop solo artist category.


In the morning of the 5th, Hanteo Chart, servicing the world’s one-and-only real-time music chart, released the ‘Initial Chodong’ sales (the first week sales) of Kang Daniel’s ‘color on me,’ aggregated from 00 AM of July 29th to 24 PM of August 4th.

On the third day of its release at 12 PM of July 31st, ‘color on me’ album exceeded the cumulative album sales of 404,896 copies and reached a new record of Initial Chodong sales among all solo artists in K-Pop history.


Also, this album recorded the album sales of 466,701 copies during the past week, writing a new history in Initial Chodong record. According to the data from Hanteo Chart, Kang Daniel is the first artist to exceed 400,000 copies in Initial Chodong sales among all K-Pop solo artists.


Kang Daniel holding the 1st solo album ‘color on me’ release showcase on the 25th (Photo Credit=Getty Image Korea)

This record is an outstanding result not only among the solo artists but also among all the K-Pop artists. In the Initial Chodong record ranking of all K-Pop artists in history, Kang Daniel ranked his name on the 8th, which makes him the only solo artist within the top 10.


According to Hanteo Chart’s official announcement, Kang Daniel’s ‘color on me’ album ranked 3rd in cumulative sales ranking among all the albums released in 2019 with its sales amount just within the week, and it also ranked itself on the 2nd with the Initial Chodong Sales ranking of all K-Pop albums released in 2019. In addition, Kang Daniel also gained the honor of the 1st place in Hanteo Chart’s Weekly Physical Chart of the 1st week of August.


Considering how solo artists tend to have lower sales record compared to group artists on average and the latest release from Kang Daniel only had a single version, this new record bears even a deeper significance in K-Pop history.


Kang Daniel holding the 1st solo album ‘color on me’ release showcase on the 25th (Photo Credit=Getty Image Korea)

As Kang Daniel experienced ups and downs since he officially concluded the promotion as the project group Wanna One last January until he released the first solo album, this Initial Chodong record remained as a great achievement to the artist himself and his fans.


The fans and the public are watching with keen interest what other results that Kang Daniel would achieve after his successful solo debut.


More details on the music album chart, including the album sales of Kang Daniel’s ‘color on me’ album, can be found on Hanteo Chart’s homepage, www.hanteochart.com.




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