GWSN Celebrates the 1 Year Debut Anniversary and Thanks the Fans with a Touching Video on Social Media


2019-09-07 10:14 (KST)

GWSN, who celebrated their 1 year debut anniversary on September 5th (Photo=screen capture of GWSN’s official social media video)
GWSN, who celebrated their 1 year debut anniversary on September 5th (Photo=screen capture of GWSN’s official social media video)

Group GWSN is celebrating their 1 year debut anniversary.


On the 5th, GWSN’s official social media account posted a video that celebrates the 1st year debut anniversary. Through the one-and-a-half-minutes-long video, GWSN celebrated their own 1st anniversary and expressed their gratitude towards the fans.


Member Seoryoung said, “Everyone, GWSN finally turned a year old! We could celebrate the 1st year anniversary thanks to you (fans) who supported us since before our debut.” She continued, “It’s already been one year since we meet the miracle that is Groo - time seems to really fly.”


Member Soso added, “That’s right. Thank you so so much, Groo. I think we could do our best during the past year all thanks to Groos,” and expressed her gratitude saying that every moment of the past year that they spent with the fandom Groo is precious. Member Lena also mentioned, “It was a thankful time that we were with Groos.”


Member Minju asked the fans, “You will be with GWSN for our 2nd and 3rd anniversaries, right?,” and Miya thanked the fans and promised, “We will try our best to become the Total Eclipse of Groos.”
Seoryoung expressed her determination to continue to grow and thanked the fans again, wrapping up the video in a warm and touching manner.

You can check the GWSN’s 1 year anniversary celebration video on GWSN’s official social media channel.


In celebration of their 1st anniversary, GWSN is scheduled to hold the official fan meeting ‘OUR 1ST GROOING MOMENT’ at KOBACO hall in Seoul on the 8th.


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