[Showcase] AB6IX Holds a Press Showcase for Studio Album ‘6IXENSE’ Release
“5 members’ charms in 5 senses… always welcome meeting the global fans and artists!”

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2019-10-07 23:39 (KST)


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Group AB6IX having a photo time during the 1st Studio Album ‘6IXENSE’ release showcase on October 7th (Photo=Sena Shim)
Group AB6IX having a photo time during the 1st Studio Album ‘6IXENSE’ release showcase on October 7th (Photo=Sena Shim)

Group AB6IX has come back with the first full studio album ‘6IXENSE.’


It’s after 5 months since the release of the debut album, ‘B:COMPLETE’ in May. Through this album, AB6IX showcases the title track ‘BLIND FOR LOVE,’ as well as tracks of a variety of genres including Deep House, Hip Hop, Future Bass, Moombahton, Trap, R&B, Ballad, etc.


Today at 4 PM, the press showcase was held to celebrate the release of AB6IX’s ‘6IXENSE’ album in Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Palace, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul. AB6IX came upon the showcase stage and performed and introduced the new album and its title track, ‘BLIND FOR LOVE.’


Lim Young Min revealed his sentiments towards the album release, “I’m happy to release a full studio album right after the debut album. We will try hard to show our confidence.” Jeon Woong introduced the album, “This full album is an album that contains music unique to AB6IX. It also has a twist in it.”


Fitting the name of the album, ‘6IXENSE,’ each member represents one of the five senses. Lee Dae Hwi represents taste, Park Woo Jin smell, Kim Dong Hyun hearing, Jeon Woong touch, and Lim Young Min sight. The title means that each of the five members will use their unique charms and will satisfy the fans’ five senses, and moreover, the sixth sense. Park Woo Jin joked, “We sensually divided up the senses that each member represents,” brightening the mood of the hall.

Group AB6IX who came back with the new album, ‘6IXENSE,’ on October 7th (Photo Credit=Brand New Music)
Group AB6IX who came back with the new album, ‘6IXENSE,’ on October 7th (Photo Credit=Brand New Music)

Without fail, the members participated in songwriting and lyrics of all 11 tracks of this album with the great producers of Brand New Music, revealing the side as a complete artist idol. Especially, not only Lee Dae Hwi, the main producer, but also Kim Dong Hyun, the rising new songwriting idol, participated in the producing, and the leader Lim Young Min also has his self-composed song included in the album. Park Woo Jin also participated in the writing of the lyrics in all the tracks, which makes this album to demonstrate the musical growth of all the members.


Kim Dong Hyun said, “I’m very grateful that I could have my self-composed song in the first full studio album. We love and pursue reflecting the things that we think and feel to the album. To disclose a behind-the-scenes story, one of the tracks on the album (PRETTY, Korean title translates to ‘Too much prettiness is a sin, it is’) has a long title, and I named it long because there were a lot of long titles in the top of the streaming charts,” causing a laughter among the audience.


Lim Young Min also stated his determination, “I’ve participated in directing for the first time, and I felt how good Dae Hwi is at directing. Directing needs to consider the condition of the members, and there are multiple factors like drawing out the new sides of the member as well. I will work harder next time for better directing.”

Group AB6IX (Photo Creidt=Brand New Music)
Group AB6IX (Photo Creidt=Brand New Music)

The title track ‘BLIND FOR LOVE’ is a Deep House number that’s at the extension of the debut album’s title track, ‘BREATHE,’ and it captivates the listeners with the stronger and upgraded sound than before. Lee Dae Hwi directly participated in songwriting and lyrics to lead the song, and the sensual rap-making by Lim Young Min and Park Woo Jin increased the completeness of the track.


Lee Dae Hwi introduced, “‘BLIND FOR LOVE’ has a slightly upgraded sense compared to the previous title, ‘BREATHE.’ The main phrase is ‘I’m a kid blinded by love.’” Park Woo Jin said, “There are main choreography as well as many point choreography along with the lyrics ‘I’m a kid blinded by love,’ so please look forward to the choreography as well.”


Park Woo Jin also shared behind-the-scenes stories during the filming of the music video. There is a scene where Kim Dong Hyun runs out of the door on fire, and he told the audience that this was not computer graphics. Kim Dong Hyun also picked this scene as his most memorable scene in the music video.


There were a lot of changes in the visual in this comeback as well. Lee Dae Hwi said, “The biggest change must be the members’ hair colors. In order to come back quickly, members provided a lot of ideas about the outfits as well. Each album has a color, and that’s also determined with the members’ ideas.” Park Woo Jin drew attention by saying, “I’ve tried dying with many different colors so far, but I wanted to show a color that I didn’t try so far, so I chose this color (green). Since my skin is on the dark side, you could say it's a mint chocolate color.”

Group AB6IX who is recently recording good results in Hanteo Chart and showing the global growth (Photo Credit=Brand New Music)
Group AB6IX who is recently recording good results in Hanteo Chart and showing the global growth (Photo Credit=Brand New Music)

According to Hanteo Chart’s data, AB6IX’s debut album ‘B:COMPLETE’ recorded the cumulative sales of 145,482 copies during the first half of 2019, becoming the 1st among all the groups who debuted in the first half of 2019. Also, the global album sales are continuously rising. As the group’s foothold among the fans overseas is growing, the anticipation of the world tour is growing as well.


To the needs of the global fans, Lim Young Min replied, “We are also planning for the world tour when we get a chance. We are always thankful for the love and support from the domestic and international fans and are determined to always work hard.”


To the question of whether they are planning on another collaboration with a foreign artist after garnering the attention with the recent collaboration with LIZZO, Lim Young Min replied, “I would like to collaborate with various artists from now on. Personally, since I am a rapper on the team, I would like to work with another wrapper. Especially, I would like to work with Drake.”


Lee Dae Hwi continued, “I’d like to collaborate with many artists as well. Among them, I am hooked on Anne-Marie these days, so I’d be honored if there is a chance to collaborate with Anne-Marie,” and Jeon Woong revealed his thoughts, “It would be great to collaborate with a foreign artist, but I would like to collaborate with Paul Kim, a Korean artist.”


 AB6IX also made a pledge for the 1st place on the chart. Before pledging, Lee Dae Hwi revealed, “We were so busy preparing for the comeback that we didn’t even think about whether we can place the 1st or not.” Kim Dong Hyun continued to suggest to perform a great stage with the blindfold that they wore in the music video, the members agreed to Kim Dong Hyun’s idea and strengthened their determination and anticipation towards the good results.


Lastly, Park Woo Jin phrased this album in a single word, ‘ABNEW,’ fully expressing his love towards the fans.


AB6IX’s ‘6IXENSE’ album is released at 6 PM today, KST, and now available through a number of online/offline digital streaming and physical album stores.


Below are the fancam videos of the AB6IX's showcase stage released by Hanteo News.




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