‘Comeback D-7’ - NU’EST Releases the Pre-listening Video… Title Track ‘LOVE ME’

Joheun usa@hanteo.com

2019-10-15 10:53 (KST)

Group NU’EST’s Pre-listening video image (Photo Credit=Pledis Entertainment)
Group NU’EST’s Pre-listening video image (Photo Credit=Pledis Entertainment)

Group NU’EST’s comeback is now a week away.


On the 14th at 0 AM, The management company Pledis Entertainment released the pre-listening video of the 7th Mini Album ‘The Table’ on NU’EST official social media and YouTube channels, releasing the parts of all the tracks for the first time and presenting the sweet melodies to the fans.


The released pre-listening video fully expresses the superior visuals and various emotions of the five members of NU’EST. The video contained parts of all 6 tracks of the 7th Mini Album, including the title track ‘LOVE ME’ as well as the B-side tracks ‘Call me back,’ ‘ONE TWO THREE’, ‘Trust me’, ‘밤새1’, and ‘우리가 사랑했다면2.’ Fans can take a peek at the completely transformed emotions of NU’EST through the video.


The first track is ‘Call me back,’ an R&B track that has outstanding rhythms, followed by the title track ‘LOVE ME,’ which sophisticatedly and sweetly expressed the deep love with the mixture of Alternative House and Urban R&B genres.


Moreover, the video immediately captured the viewers eyes and ears with variety of charms featured in ‘ONE TWO THREE’ that expressed New Jack Swing genre with the added New-tro interpretation, ‘Trust me’ with an impressive combination of emotional lyrics and guitar riff, ‘밤새’ that captures the moment of past love with EDM Pop genre, and ‘우리가 사랑했다면’ with minimal sound based on Folk-rock and Ballad along with the members’ emotional vocals.


NU’EST has been capturing the public’s eyes and ears with their unique emotions and wide musical spectrum in every album. As in previous albums, Baekho participated in songwriting, lyrics, and producing in all the tracks of the album, and JR and Minhyun participated in writing the lyrics, achieving the more mature and wider musical growth.


As they previously hinted at new attempts and changes, NU’EST announced their comeback with different music and exceptional transformation. Fans are speculating and wondering about the message that NU’EST’s title track ‘LOVE ME’ will convey.


NU’EST will release the 7th Mini Album ‘The Table’ through a number of online sites and offline stores on the 21st at 6 PM.


Below is the pre-listening video of NU’EST’s ‘The Table.’



Means ‘All night long’
Means ‘If we loved (each other)’

Joheun usa@hanteo.com

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