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[Concert] MFBTY(Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, BIZZY) Scheduled to Perform ‘K-Hip Hop’ for the First Time in Chile and Paraguay! “Enthusiastic reaction from the local fans before the show… Amazing status of K-Hip Hop!”
MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, BIZZY) will hold the first concerts in Chile and Paraguay with the theme of ‘K-Hip Hop.’ Consisted of Tige
[Showcase] ANS Debut Single ‘BOOM BOOM’ Release Showcase “The rise of a ‘twist girl idol group’ that global K-Pop fans noticed! Devil-like angels, ANS”
Another ‘girl crush’ has appeared on the K-Pop scene. On the 16th, group ANS has announced their debut. On the 16th at 6 PM, ANS has re
[Showcase] SEVENTEEN 3rd Studio Album ‘An Ode’ Release Showcase “Came back with good ‘poison,’ not bad ‘poison’! SEVENTEEN of autumn with the successful transformation”
Group SEVENTEEN has released the 3rd Studio Album ‘An Ode’ after a year and 10 months. Celebrating the new release, SEVENTEEN held a pr
[Fan Meeting] VICTON Releases the Poster of the Fan Meeting, ‘VOICE TO ALICE’ “Charm of 6 members in 6 different suits… First fan meeting with 6 member system on September 22nd”
Boy Group VICTON, a rising megatrend after ‘ProduceX101,’ released the poster of their fan meeting. On the 10th, the management company
[Fan Meeting] GWSN Successfully Finishes the 1-Year Debut Anniversary Fan Meeting ‘OUR 1ST GROOING MOMENT’ “More meaningful anniversary with the fans… Want to continue to walk on flower path with Groos”
Group GWSN spent meaningful time with fans celebrating the 1-year debut anniversary. On the 8th, GWSN (Seoryoung, Seokyoung, Miya, Lena, Anne, Minj
[Photo] “Celebrating the first debut album to reach half-million!” Mass Release of X1 ShowCon Photos
Group X1 has accomplished a successful debut. X1, a group formed through Mnet’s TV program ‘ProduceX101,’ announced their debut t
[Photo] SEVENTEEN 3rd Studio Album Official Photo Truth Ver. Released “Mature masculine beauty in autumn… Yet different charm from the previous versions”
Group SEVENTEEN released the third version of the official photos of the 3rd studio album. On the 5th, SEVENTEEN’s management company Pledis
Choi Byung Chan of VICTON Meets Global Fans in Taiwan After a Group Fan Meeting in Korea “Holding the fan meeting ‘Be Shining : 燦’ in Taiwan… Preannounces a variety of domestic and international fanmeets”
Group VICTON’s Choi Byung Chan is proving his popularity with his individual activities along with the group's. His management company, P
[Photo] ‘2019 Dream Concert’ AB6IX (1st half of 2019 memories) “AB6IX unveiled on the ‘Dream Stage’ of Dream Concert”
Hanteo News released a great number of photos from ‘The 25th 2019 Dream Concert’ looking back on the memories of the first half of 2019.
[Photo] ‘2019 Dream Concert’ KARD (1st half of 2019 memories) “Breathtaking stage full of passion… presents an early summer to Korea!”
Hanteo News released a great number of photos from ‘The 25th 2019 Dream Concert’ looking back on the memories of the first half of 2019.
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