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[Whosfan:View] Add to the Value of My Biases and Favorite Stars! ‘Whosfan,’ a New Value Creation of the Stars by the Fans
‘Whosfan,’ a global K-Pop fandom platform made by Hanteo Chart with the best public confidence in the K-Pop industry If you are a f
Hanteo Global Launches the K-Pop Fandom Community Platform, ‘Whosfan’ “First app in the industry with assembled technology - a playground for the K-Pop fans worldwide!”
On 27th, Hanteo Global (CEO: Kwak Young Ho) and GOM & Company (CEO: Lee Byung Ki) officially announced that they launched ‘Whosfan’ se
Big Hit Makes More Than 200 Billion Won in Revenue… Holds a Corporate Briefing
Big Hit Entertainment (referred to as ‘Big Hit’ below) disclosed that the company made 200.1 billion won in revenue and 39.1 billion won i
Big Hit Entertainment Acquires Source Music “BTS-GFRIEND now under the same roof!”
Group BTS and GFRIEND now live under the same roof. BTS’s management company Big Hit Entertainment acquired GFRIEND’s management company,
[Official] Hanteo Chart-Glance TV Sign MOU for Global Hallyu Contents Platform Business “The first cooperation in the industry between a chart data company and a media company… impact anticipated in global K-Pop and culture industry”
On the 2nd, HANTEO CHART, Inc. (CEO Kwak Young Ho), who operates ‘Hanteo Chart,’ the world’s one-and-only real-time music chart, sig
[OFFICIAL] Hanteo Global launched ‘HANTEO NEWS,’ an online newspaper “We will produce K-POP articles with public confidence based on Big Data”
Hanteo Global Co., Ltd.(CEO: Young-Ho Kwak) announced the foundation of online newspaper ‘Hanteo News’ and opened its homepage(www.hanteon
Hanteo Chart signs MOU with Billboard Chart “Collaboration of representative music charts in Korea and the U.S. to lead global K-POP market!”
On the 19th, Hanteo Chart Co., Ltd.(CEO: Young-Ho Kwak) announced that it signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) with Billboard Korea Co., Ltd.(CEO
Hanteo Chart develops ‘HANTEO Aided Tracking System (HATS)’, a system that verifies authentic products and reflects them on chart
On November 9th, Hanteo Chart Co., Ltd. has developed and completed the patent application for HANTEO Aided Tracking System (Hereafter referred as HAT
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